About Us

bTWISTED offers exquisite, innovative and stylish jewelry creations. Many of our pieces are the result of influences ranging from traditional to contemporary, eclectic to trendy or a combination of a variety of concepts. The result of this process is a unique jewelry piece with timeless beauty and style. Each piece created is intended to be an heir loom. Something you can pass on from generation to generation maintaining its timeless beauty and character. With a bTWISTED piece, versatility allows it to be as loud or subtle, as formal or casual to compliment your mood or occasion.

All pieces are beautifully handcrafted with quality workmanship and extreme attention to detail. Unique and innovative combinations of gemstone colors, shapes and textures bring to life each piece elegantly made to be wearable and practical. Our distinctive designs are artistic expressions that result in an exceptional piece worthy of admiration and praise whenever worn.

All bTWISTED jewelry is made from the finest materials available including “conflict free” precious and semi-precious gemstones. We spend countless hours selecting and handpicking rare and exotic gemstones from reputable vendors around the world. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, made with tender love in Florida and beautifully packaged with care.


Dan Johnson